We commit ourselves to dealing with your case or answer your questions promptly:

We will answer by phone any question that would not require any further research. We reply within 48 hours to any electronic mail that would not require any further research. We carry out a first analysis of all cases we receive within 15 days.

At this point (questions on phone or by email, first analysis) no fees are charged.

We then send you a written copy of our analysis to which we add : Proposals for the next procedural steps Details on the costs of the procedure, if you decide to begin. (we can also advise you against starting an action , but you will still be informed of its costs Considerations on the chances of success

Regarding this last point, the results cannot be guaranteed in advance, but we can determine if the chances of success are high, very high or on the contrary low or very low.

Once the procedure has begun, we draft the deeds necessary to handle your case within 30 days.

This 30 day period can be extended to – but not exceed- 60 days in case of excessive workload except for cases of exceptional complexity and if there is no urgency.

We commit ourselves to treating immediately any urgent situation, after prior approval from our part.

Generally speaking, we deal with your case with the constant will to obtain a prompt result.

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