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We commit ourselves to informing you, prior to starting any procedure, of the total cost of the procedure.

This is the key aspect of our work.

For that purpose, we encourage our clients to choose our flat rate fees and we only work on an hourly rate basis in some very complex cases for which flat rate fees cannot apply.

A price scale – listed by type of procedure - can be found in the section ’FEES’ of this website.

After a first analysis of your case, we will let you know, according to the range of fees listed in our fee scale, the exact amount that we will require for our intervention.

This amount corresponds to the total amount of the fees but do not include:

Potential appeals Expenses: the amounts that we advance on your behalf, acting as your representative, throughout the procedure (bailiff’s notices and writs , postal mail...) and that must be reimbursed to the lawyer . An expense scale rates concerning travel expenses (outside Dijon) and cost of photocopies can be found in the section ’FEES’ of this website.

These expenses are generally quite moderate and are due at the end of the procedure.

In the case of a decision in your favor, your opponent is usually ordered to pay the legal costs which include most expenses incurred on your behalf by the lawyer.

In those circumstances, and on the basis of article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure, your opponent is also generally ordered to pay an amount which covers all or part of the lawyer’s fees.

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